Supporting Building Foundation for Development (BFD) develop multi-sectoral programmes to reduce malnutrition in Yemen. 


Building Foundation for Development, Yemen


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N4D is supporting Building Foundation for Development (BFD) to expand their nutrition sensitive portfolio to tackle the high levels of malnutrition in Yemen in a more sustainable way through greater command of local resources and know how. BFD is one of the largest national NGOs in Yemen, the largest in the nutrition sector and has a leadership role for other NGOs working in nutrition. In July 2021, N4D completed Phase One of work during which we developed a brief on current global guidance and evidence on multi-sectoral nutrition approaches, reviewed the nutrition situation in Yemen. We also looked at BFDs portfolio to help identify ways in which BFD can expand their multi-sectoral nutrition sensitive approaches and capabilities, including aligning with national nutrition policies and the nutrition results framework. This work falls under the GNC-Technical Alliance mechanism which is hosted by ACF-Canada. From September to December 2021, N4D is working with BFD on Phase Two which will see BFD develop its first nutrition strategy, an operationalisation plan and with N4D’s support, run a schedule of training for key staff to enhance BFDs nutrition sensitive know how.


Jeremy Shoham

Jeremy Shoham

N4D’s role and approach

N4D is drawing on strong global evidence and relating this to the realities on the ground in Yemen. We are tailoring support in such a way that it can be readily used and adds value to an already highly skilled team in Yemen. Our aim is to provide BFD with the added skills and know how that they have identified as important to them as they challenge the status quo and strive to change the way nutrition is approached. This work is part of a broader N4D focus on empowerment and so called ‘localisation’ and will explore opportunities for the approaches taken and trainings executed to be of use to a wider audience beyond BFD.

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